Insurance Brokers

Alkora is one of the main Insurance Broker in the Spanish market unrelated to financial conglomerates and industrial clusters. This independence lets us negotiate with insurance companies the best conditions and prices for our clients’ insurances. Besides, it lets us develop our own business strategy –always seeking the Quality of the Service as our ultimate goal.


Insurances for companies and private individuals

We have positioned ourselves within the most important Spanish intermediary insurance companies given our high degree of professionalism at providing solutions for insurable risks for companies and private individuals. It can be said, then, that we are a multi-specialist insurance broker as we offer insurances for a wide range of sectors.


We offer specialised products

In Alkora we have always invested in our internal development by means of innovating and training our team of professionals in order to offer specialised products to our clients. We look for the best solutions and prices to meet the needs of each company, institution or private individual.


Insurances in continuous evolution

Our service offer is in continuous evolution so that it is adapted to the changes that are taking place in our environment; namely, the digitalisation of the sectors and the new needs and opportunities of the market. These changes result in insurances adapted to the latest technologies.


We listen to and understand your needs

Alkora’s approach is that of listening and understanding the needs and issues raised by our clients or that we detect in the market. And it is combined with our creative skills, experience, technology and teamwork just to offer the most suitable insurances which protect our clients’ most important goods.