We provide advise and the most suitable insurance solutions for aviation in its whole.

ALKORA is specialised in the management and the placing of any aeronautic risk. We provide advise and the most suitable insurance solutions both for private clients and companies.

We work the aviation sector in its whole:

  • From free flights to airlines
  • From federations to general aviation needs, or any aeronautic company no matter its size.


  • Civil liability

  • Damages / Fuselage

  • Pilot’s accidents

  • Loss of licence

  • Death or temporal work incapacity both for the pilot and the cabin crew.


Para empresas o particulares en cualquiera de estas actividades:

  • Free flight
  • ULM, VLA and aircraft whose MTOW>2.700 Kg
  • Air clubs, flight schools
  • Private pilots
  • Hot-air balloons
  • Service stations / hangars / equipment and spare parts trade
  • Drones

You need to have covered all the claims you may receive: aircraft damage and pilot’s accidents. For all these situations, our solutions seek to offer you the best coverage for:

  • Civil liability: for the aircraft, for the facilities, for the products
  • Fuselages
  • Pilot’s accidents

Our more than 10-year experience with the different Air Sport Federations lets us find solutions for the needs that you may have through:

  • Liability policy for the Federated
  • Accidents for the Federated

If you are: 

  • Manufacturer
  • Airport assistance company
  • Aircraft and spare parts store
  • Charterer
  • Airport / Heliport

Your business is exposed to the reception of claims for property damages (damage to buildings or content), and the ones likely to be caused to third parties by manufacturing defects or malfunctioning of the service. Our solution is based on the best coverage for:

  • Poduct liability
  • Professional liability
  • Hangar or facilities liability

If you are a professional pilot or a pilot in training, and your professional activity depends upon a medical leave, we can insure you:

  • Death or incapacity
  • Total or partial loss of the license